Not Another Teen Movie", "Sasquatch Mountain", "Return to House on Haunted Hill", "Power Rangers"... (1) Near Mint Condition 8x10" photo sent out by the actor’s talent agent to get them a job on a TV show or movie. Her resume is stapled to the back of the photo! A resume consists of Film & TV credits, Theatre, Special Skills, Training. Depending on the experience of the actor, some resumes will be more thorough than others. The only contact info is management and agencies. No personal contact info!

This original photograph was not produced or distributed by a film studio or production company. I am selling this collectible item from one collector to another with no rights given or intended.

If you live in the USA, Canada, Mexico, please add $4.00 postage and handling. Everyw else is $7.00.

When you make payment, please tell me what you are paying for and w to send it . If you do not, I will be unable to process your order correctly. An email will not suffice.

I hope to receive your payment in about a week so we may complete this transaction in a timely manner. If I do not receive payment in about two weeks, I will have eBay send you a Bidder Alert. If I do not receive payment after a month, I will be asking eBay for a Final Value Credit. You don’t want to get that one. My regular customers know I’m
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