CEYLON 1859 SG#8

This is a lovely very fresh fine used four margin example of the 1859 9d Brown with Diena certificate.

This is part of an amazing collection of Ceylon I have on ebay tonight. It is virtually complete with values including 50r, 100r, 500r and 1000r , plus a full range of officials and major early classics some with certs or expertizing marks.

Tonight I have a STUNNING CEYLON COLLECTION WITH VALS TO 1000rs ( virtually a complete collection inc. officials !!). The high vals of the Falkland 1933 Centenary (2/6-�1) and some very RARE LEVANT, so please look at my other lots

PLEASE NOTE ITEMS OVER $200-$500 WILL BE SHIPPED CERTIFIED IN THE USA AND REGISTERED OVERSEAS. ITEMS OVER $500 WILL BE SHIPPED REGISTERED USA & OVERSEAS. If one more than one item is purchased that is registered or certified there will only be one registered/cert charge (any lower value items purchase will be put in with it, the additional item charge will still apply). First class mail shipping in the USA $2.00 (50c. for each addtional item) Certified mail for the USA is $7 (50c each additional item) For overseas shipping please add $2.50 (75c for each additional item) for standard airmail For registered mail an additional $14 for USA and $17 overseas. Registered includes insurance. I SHIP WORLDWIDE
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