CFK USA Custom Handmade D2 US ARMY LONG RANGE RECON Vietnam Combat Bowie Knife

KNIFE SPECS: 12 1/8" Overall RAT-TAIL Tang Blade, 7" Hollow Grind Blade, 3 1/8" Rounded Rear Edge, 6 3/8" Cutting Edge, 1 3/8" Blade Width, 1/4" Blade Thickness, 5 1/8" Long Handle, Treated & Sealed Stacked Leather Handle, Stainless Finger Guard and Pommel. Knife weight: 12 Ounces. D2 Tool Steel Blade Vacuum Hardened to 59HRC. The edge is sharp and ready for any task.
NOTE : CFK Cutlery Co. make sample knives for private label knife companies. The knives that are not purchased by the private label brand are sold here. These are all unbranded knives. CFK Sample knives are handmade, they are not made with CNC equipment and are not perfect looking knives. CFK Sample knives will have handmade characteristics to them that make them 100% unique.
ATTENTION! CFK has two eBay seller accounts. CFK-SAMPLE-KNIVES and CFK-CUTLERY-COMPANY. These are separate entities and the sales are not transferable. We will not combined sales of both accounts into one shipping box.
SHIPPING POLICY (*certain restrictions apply): Some buyers want to win more than one item and pay a grouped shipping rate to save money, we allow 5 days grace on grouped orders. Win as many items as you want in 5 day's time and then pay. If you pay before grouping the orders, the sale is a closed contract and no new items can be
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