CFK USA Custom Handmade Raindrop Damascus TRACKER Bushcraft Skinning Camp Knife

The knife and sheath shown in the photos are what you will win
512 Layer Damascus Steel Knife
10" Overall - 5 1/4" Hollow Grind Blade
Sheath has 3 Carry Modes:
1) Right-Hand Vertical Carry
2) Left-Hand Scout Horizontal Carry
3) Right-Hand Cross Draw Horizontal

HOW OUR DAMASCUS IS MADE: All our Damascus is real and not just an acid etch. Damascus is a mixture of 1095HC or 1084HC and 15N20 nickel carbon. You heat them up together and then fold the bar over and over to get the desired layers, ours are 512 layers. Then you burn the blade in acid, and it turns the nickel satin color and the high carbon turns blackish gray. This is how the layers are exposed to show the layers of the new steel created coined "Damascus". All Damascus is acid etched to show the layers. If you high polish the metal it will be shinny satin like all steels. Only after you burn the sides of the blade with acid do you see the layers of the two steels. Makes sense? After we make our knives we high polish the handles and put an edge on the blade. The high polishing buffs off the acid burned layer of the handle, and the blade edge is sharpened and the acid burned edge becomes satin. You can re-burn the tang of the blade near the handles and the edge of the blade and it will show the layers once more. SHIPPING

Genuine 1095HC & 15N20 Damascus Steel Full Tang Blade Triple Oil Hardened to 58-60HRC
Camo-Linen Micarta Handle Scales
10" Overall 5 1/8" Cutting Edge 5 1/4" Overall Blade
2" Wide Blade
4 3/4" Long Usable Grip Handle 3/16" Thick at the Spine Mosaic & Brass Tube Pins
Knife Weight: 13 Ounces
- The knife in the photos is the EXACT one you will receive. -
NOTE : CFK/IPAK's craftsman hand craft all knives and they do not use any CNC machining. CFK/IPAK knives are not perfect CNC looking knives. As a result these knives will have handmade qualities, unique characteristics, that make the knives 100% unique.
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CFK Cutlery Co. is a private knife manufacturer for the CFK knife brand. We sell our entire handmade knife inventory below dealer wholesale, direct to our customers. There are never any dealer mark-ups or retail catalog mark-ups added, we pass these savings onto you. We believe we have the highest quality handmade knives on eBay & Amazon. Look no further for the best value for your money.


CFK sources its metals from Germany, Japan, and Sweden and our handle materials are sourced from all over the world, including the USA. The knives are handmade in the UK by a contract knife company. The finished knives and leather sheaths are then imported to the United States. We use several USA craftsmen (Yellow Hawk or SC Holsters) to handcraft leather and kydex sheath systems for our customers. We are fortunate to have famous Navajo's Brian & David Yellowhorse to customize many of our finished blades and we also have other professional knife makers customize our blades from time to time.

SECONDS AND KNIVES SOLD WITH DEFECTS: The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is VOID on defective items and will come with a special Certificate of Authenticity denoting it is not covered under the replacement.
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