CGC 9.4 SS Megaton Explosion 1'st App Youngblood by Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld

ITEM DESCRIPTION From a smoke free home, I offer you this CGC Signature Series 9.4 copy of Megaton Explosion, published 6/1987 by Megaton Comics and containing the first appearance of Youngblood by Rob Liefeld (who has signed this copy). Most collectors remember Youngblood as the first comic book ever published by Image Comics when they burst onto the scene in 1992, but the first appearance of the Youngblood team actually took place 5 years earlier in this little-known independent / small press publisher headed up by Gary Carlson, who Liefeld later would dub "the Grandfather of Image Comics" -- fellow Image co-founder Erik Larsen also got his professional start at Megaton, as did Angel Medina, Butch Guice, Frank Fosco, and others. It was difficult for Megaton to compete against the large publishers, and Megaton Explosion was a free promotional give-away with a "Who's Who" guide to the Megaton universe, meant to help introduce the characters to the public... but the characters did not catch the public's attention (until brought back years later under Image) and one has to wonder how many of these giveaways ended up being tossed away. Precious few of these 1987 giveaways seem to have survived to present day: looking at the CGC census, y ou can count on your hands (and have fingers left over) the number of Signature Series copies of ... read more