Chainsaw Carving Eagle Large Mouth Bass Totem Pole Wood Hand Carved Rustic Decor

Chainsaw carved eagle perched on a stump holding a large mouth bass. Eagle measures 26" from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Large mouth bass is 18" long. Carving is 53" tall. Carved from a 9 1/2" diameter ozark red cedar log. Has exterior sealer so can go inside or outside. They are looking for a new home! Add them to your decor! Would look great in a garden, on a deck rail, anywhere you want to put them!

The pics you are viewing are of the actual carving. It is completed and ready to be shipped.

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Each carving is unique. I do not use a duplicator or replicator like a lot of the chainsaw artists are doing. I start from scratch. I get a log or a piece of wood and begin carving. Then I move down to a smaller saw, then the grinders and sanders. Finally I wind them up with chisels.

About the wood and sealer:

Mostly I use Ozark red cedar and kiln dried pine for my carvings. Both perform well
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