Chalcanthite (Laboratory Grown) (Copper Sulfate) - Location: Poland. Small Cabinet. we have a very beautiful and aesthetic 'electric' blue specimen of Chalcanthite crystals (copper sulfate) that was grown in a laboratory in Poland. Chalcanthite is one of only a few water soluble sulfate minerals. It forms in the near-surface secondary oxidation zone of copper deposits usually late in the development of these deposits. Chalcanthite is a secondary copper mineral and crystals do occur naturally in regions w t is a very dry climate and w t are copper deposits. 'Natural' occurring Chalcanthite crystals usually form as very small crystals or as bluish crusts of Chalcanthite or as solid 'stalactites' of chalcanthite. Under laboratory conditions Chalcanthite forms as very beautiful translucent to sometimes transparent 'electric' blue colored crystals that are well formed and sharp and very lustrous. This specimen is a very colorful and aesthetic display specimen.
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