Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins are becoming a huge collectable item these days. The history goes way back and you'll hear of different stories of the first one being made from WW2 to Vietnam and even the British. I don't know which story is true. What I do know is that soldiers love these and are awarded them when special deeds are done that are more deserving than just a pat on the back but less deserving of an achievement award. These coins will come from Generals, Colonels, Command Sergeant Majors or just about anyone in the chain of command. Almost all units in the military have designed their own unique coins. They make great keepsakes and wonderful conversational pieces.

Average features of my coins unless otherwise noted:

Dimensions- 1 1/2 inches

Material- Bronze mostly

Condition- New unless otherwise noted

Color- Mostly colorful on both sides unless an older coin

You will find many many sellers of challenge coins out there with prices ranging from 4.99 to 19.99 and postage from free to 4.50. I try my best to split it somewhere down the middle so I make a little profit and you get a fair price. There are also some very goodsellers out there. Just be sure to check feedbacks. I try to be as honest and fair as I can with very quick shipping.

I will combine shipping
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