Challenge Coin

Ok, most folks know me by now. You also know my reputation as being a good, honest seller. I am, however, human and make mistakes. If you contact me first, I will do everything I possibly can to make it right. If, however, you open a case against me, do not respond to my emails, and try to slam me to the wall, then you will need to find yourself another supplier, as you will not be able to purchase from me again. Sorry folks, this ain't Walmart. With that being said, I have a better selection simply because I do not limit myself to only one supplier. Sure, I could do that and never run out of the same coins. But, I search high and low for interesting and unique coins. I go to shows, flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores searching for different coins. My prices are not the cheapest, but certainly not the highest either. They are based on the rarity of the coin and how much I had to pay to get it.

Challenge Coins are becoming a huge collectable item these days. The history goes way back and you'll hear of different stories of the first one being made from WW2 to Vietnam and even the British. I don't know which story is true. What I do know is that soldiers love these and are awarded them when special deeds are done that are more deserving than just a pat on the back but less deserving of an achievement
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