The Chameleons: Dali's Picture (1993) Imaginary Records

1993 Imaginary Records original CD Release. Slight wear, near new. Superb rendering of rare titles inc.: Everyday and Crucified, early Second Skin as Dreams in Celluloid, Love Is, and Dali's Picture, along w/other unique alternative versions. Excellent, ultra-rare disc. Import Made in England. Sleeve by Art Object.

One of the many posthumous released overseen by now-defunct Imaginary Records, Dali's has to be the most frustrating in that t's no real clue what the tracks' exact origins are; certainly nothing is said anyw on the album packaging regarding it. The best assumption to make is that they're demos for the debut album Script of the Bridge , though the presence of very early tracks like "The Fan and the Bellows" and "Things I Wish I'd Said" tends to suggest an earlier recording date even than that. As examples of how what turned into keyboard lines or studio shadings on album were originally played live, charmingly rough takes on classic numbers like "Second Skin" - called "Dreams in Celluloid," much faster paced, with noticeably different lyrics and ending than the final studio version offer much to the interested listener. Obscure tunes like "Everyday I'm Crucified" and "Love Is" appear , as does a totally otherwise unavailable song, the title track itself, a fast-paced, soaring number. As a marketing move to motivate
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