The Chameleons: Here Today... Gone Tomorrow (92 CD) OOP

1992 Imaginary Records original CD Release. Slight wear. Made in England.

A variety of rare numbers and radically alternate takes surface Besides the twin "String Quartet" synth pieces , two early versions of songs destined to turn up on Strange Times were recorded. "In Answer" already pretty much matches the final version but with a longer build of an intro and synth sweep (the resulting mix buries the guitars a bit), but "Mad Jack," in its "Bobby Moore's Wine" guise, resembles the Free Trade Hall version of the song still with its original set of lyrics. On top of all this is "Sally," never elsew recorded or played by the band - it's a gentle, very low-key number about Burgess ' soon-to-be wife. The otherwise unidentified tracks include two intriguing rarities recorded with original drummer Brian Schofield , which would date them to 1981. One is the hard to find but quite powerful "Things I Wish I'd Said," but the real surprise is "Dear Dead Days," which in fact turns out to be a fast, nervy version of "Soul in Isolation."