CHAMILIA RETIRED CROSS CHARM ,925 STERLING SILVER ::::::PLEASE NOTE:::::: We are listing 1000's of vintage charms from a collection. Please remember that we ship USPS, and many of these charms are coming with postage due. We will pay all additional amounts. We have the post office weigh the charms, and place a stamp on them. Many times they mess up or get it wrong. We have no control of this, but we will pay the additional charges, since we offer free shipping. A few times the charm has gotten lost, and we will cover that too. Since many of the charms bring in $2.00, we cannot spend $2.10 for signature confirmation. We trust you will be honest with us and tell us if it arrived or not. If it never arrives, please contact me. We offer these great charms to the wonderful charmers out there, mainly as a gesture of kindness. Otherwise we would just melt them. But they're so wonderful, and lovely I just can't bring myself to scrap them. Please enjoy these wonderful charms, and remember we will always work out any problems that may a cure.

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