Champagne Velvet beer signs by artist Hy Hintermeister

Offered are FOUR Champagne Velvet beer signs (TOC, or tin-over-cardboard) from the series by artist Hy Hintermeister for the Terre Haute Brewing Company in Terre Haute , Indiana . The series contained approximately 12 different signs including these four.

These signs are guaranteed to be original. These signs belonged to my father since approximately 1950. They first hung in his barbershop in Muskegon, Michigan and later in his home game room.

The four signs depict (1) a game warden observing the humorous fisherman's small catch, (2) the humorous fisherman being cheered on by his buddies while hiding his small catch, (3) the humorous fisherman dancing away to avoid a couple of curious skunks, and (4) the humorous fisherman rocking the boat in an attempt to catch "the big one". All signs include either CV bottles or cone-top beer cans, and various Champagne Velvet packaging.

All signs measure approximately 14 x 19.5 inches. The conditions of these signs are excellent. Unlike others that appear on ebay from time-to-time, these do not have any dings, hanging holes, major scratches, or rust. T are minor scratches and t, but they do not detract from their appearance. The yellow edges are also straight and have very few scuffs. These signs have never been repainted or modified in anyway. I am sure that they can
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