Matchlessantiques is offering collectors and smiths this "Champion" 400 Series Large Combination Forge. This forge was made by The Champion Blower & Forge Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Champion was one of the three "major" blacksmith tool makers in business beginning production is 1875. Besides Blowers and Bellows, they produced Forges, Anvils, Coachmaking Tools and Drills, Wheel / Tire making Tools and Machines and a variety of Blacksmith Tools. They were well know in the blacksmith community as quality tool makers.

This forge is a Fixer-Upper for you smiths who are looking for a good forge that needs a little work. The good features are: The thick cast iron pan with patented coal box. No cracks anyw The Tuyere is usuable with operating ash dump (ash door not original). Blower mounting Arm. The areas that will need attention: Legs, they are old rusted and in rough shape. They do work and can be used, but don't look too good. The tuyere has a small crack.

The Forge is supplied with the No. 400 Champion "Whirlwind" Blast Anti-Clinker Heavy Nest Tuyere Iron. This Tuyere, in combination with the high speed of the "Famous 400" Blower, produces a circular, rotary, "whirlwind", white heat blast which heats iron at least one third quicker and with equal saving in coal, as no heat is wasted by being blown up the
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