'Champion' Fire Pump 500 Gallons Per Minute!!

Champion Fire Pump

500 GPM!!

Up for auction is a firepump off a fire truck. It was in service until they removed it to install a different one. I was told that it still worked fine, but I think the new one had a higher output. It appears to be in good condition, not all rusty, but has paint and grease still on it. I am afraid I do not have the means to test it out, but it does revolve. It was mounted on the front bumper, driven from the engine. It comes complete with all the fittings and trim you see in the pics, including a 300 psi gauge, that is not shown. This would be a great addition for someone who is restoring an antique firetruck that is missing a pump, or has a bad pump. These Champion pumps have been around a long time.

This monster weighs 315 lbs. I can strap it to a pallet, and a couple guys can pick it up and put it in a truck, or I can put it on a trailer and take it to a place a few miles away that has a shipping dock, w I have a fork truck to load it on a truck. Look over the pics well, and ask questions, this sale will be final. I want to get this out of my yard before winter.

Thanks for Looking!