Champion Studios Model Daryl Powers

Champion model Daryl Powers printed on fiber matte paper and selenium toned.

During the late 1950s and early '60s, in the world of male physique photography the name Champion became synonymous with images of handsome, athletic young men captured in vivid color. Walter Kundzicz, the photographer who was Champion Studios - and who also created and marketed male images under the studio names Take One, Master Physique, and Treasure House of European Models (THEM) - created a diverse and fantasy-rich body of work. His colorful and kitschy photographs of scantily clad athletes - packed with all manner of props, costumes, and bulging posing pouches - are notable not only for the commercial success they enjoyed during their heyday, but also for their enduring creativity and imagination.

Darkroom prints are made with traditional techniques of sensitized paper and chemicals in the darkroom, exactly like fine art photographers have used for over a century. Sliver gelatin darkroom prints are the preferred medium for fine art and investment quality photography.

The original negative is placed in the enlarger and a print is exposed, then developed by hand in trays of chemicals. It takes a substantial amount of time and test prints to "work out the recipe" for each print. The process is time consuming, which is why darkroom
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