CHAOS Lady Death Mischief Night #1 Premium FRENCH MAID!

Lady Death: Mischief Night #1 Glow-In-The-Dark Premium Edition Limited to 2000 Copies Worldwide!!! We've made a deal with one of the biggest names in the comic industry to acquire their entire remaining collection of CHAOS! bankruptcy stock. This is one of the largest (if not THE largest) remaining caches of UNCIRCULATED high-grade CHAOS! books commercially available in the world. These books are beautiful! From the pallet upon pallet our large dealer originally obtained at bankruptcy auction, these books represent the top 2% of the category âe" they are the absolute best-of-the-best of what is still available worldwide! When we sell out, these are gone forever âe" DO NOT miss out! This auction is for one NM copy of Lady Death: Mischief Night #1 Premium Edition. Super-sexy French Maid glow-in-the-dark cover showcases some of Lady Death's best assets. With only 2000 copies worldwide , this book is fast disappearing from availability âe" now's your chance to own it while you can still find it âe" and afford it! And with CHAOS! gone, t will never be more available... Unopened, unread, uncirculated; bagged and boarded. Awesome book! If you're a Lady Death/CHAOS! fan, you'll kick yourself if you miss out on having this in your collection. Read below for payment and shipping policy. Check out my other items !NOTES: Reflections or
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