As seen in the Chaotic: M'arrillian Invasion™ episode, " A Rare Hazard ,"the Mugician's Arch was destroyed by ruthless players trying to createUltra Ultra Rare cards. Now you can have a hand in rebuilding this once powerful Location!
Pieces of the Mugician's Arch have been scattered throughout the M'arrillian Invasion™ Starter Decks and M'arrillian Invasion: Beyond the Doors™ Booster Packs, as well as the Chaotic® Collectible Tins . These cards are very rare, limited edition cards that can only be found in the three Chaotic products mentioned above .
If you happen to find a piece of the Mugician's Arch, make sure you Enter the Code on ! Entering this code will not only help rebuild the Arch, but any player who enters this code will also receive an online version of EVERY card from the first three sets: Dawn of Perim™, Zenith of the Hive™ and Silent Sands™!! That's right, every card from the first three sets online!
Once the Location has been rebuilt, everyone in the Community will receive a very special online only card which has never before been seen in Chaotic! You can keep track of the progress on rebuilding the Mugician's Arch at this website - .
The Mugician's Arch has seven missing segments which will be rebuilt, piece by piece, as Pieces of the Mugician's Arch Cards are uploaded
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