Chara WINTER CLASSIC Boston Bruins Rbk Jersey Medium


Beware of counterfeit Winter Classic jerseys!

Do you honestly believe you can buy a real Zdeno Chara Boston Bruins Rbk Winter Classic jersey for $50? No way.

Most of the Winter Classic jerseys currently on Ebay are FAKES! Primarily, they’re $25 Chinese imported FAKES with Rbk tags! They are NOT real Rbk jerseys.

It's disgraceful and a fraud.

How to spot a fake Bruins WC jersey:

Numerical sizing - Rbk is not even MAKING an "Authentic" Bruins WC jersey this year. Hard to buy something that Rbk isn't even producing, eh? Fight strap - T is NO fight strap on replica jerseys. Ever. Twill crest - The entire Boston Bruin “B” crest should be felt, NOT twill. White trim - ALL jersey and crest trim is a darker creme color, NOT white. Premier fabric – WC jerseys should have the heavier Air-knit fabric (like the 550 series) NOT the lighter, stretchier Premier fabric. Reebok Neck tag – Small print should say “Official Licensed Jersey ”, NOT "Center Ice Authentic". Lettering and numbering is felt, NOT twill. Chara is 1 color, NOT two color.

Simply put - if it sounds too good to be probably IS.

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