C. C. (CHARLES) BECK - Autographed Personal Letter

This is The SHAZAM and Captain Marvel artist C.C. Beck Signed personal letter to an art class in Ontario. 8.5"x 11" paper in excellent condition dated March 5, 1979.
C. C. Beck (1910-1989) is best known for creating the comic character that would become Captain Marvel. Beck, who had become a humor illustrator for Fawcett's pulp magazines in 1933, was given the assignment in 1939. The character, devised by Bill Parker, was originally called Captain Thunder, but his name was changed before the first issue of his comic appeared. Although many artists have worked on the comic, it was Beck who gave the hero a visual life that rivaled that of Superman. Beck, who was promoted to chief artist as a result of the success of the character, opened his own studios in 1941. He continued to draw for "Captain Marvel" as well as "Spy Smasher" and "Ibis, the Invincible". Beck also drew for "Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer" (1966) and "Shazam! " (1972).