Charles Colombo The Paper Boy signed lower rght

this is a rare Charles Colombo signed in pencil Artist Proof reproduction , called Herbie The Paper Boy( well know in wilmington delaware) - Stored flat for 30 years!!!!!..Charles Colombo, born in Wilmington, Delaware, is noted as one of America’s leading contemporary realists and a member of the American Watercolor Society. His natural gift for beauty, sensitive line, and color has been heightened through the private tutelage of such renowned Artists as Frank E. Schoonover and Charles DeFeo, and the superb watercolor technique instilled by John W. McCoy( andrew wyeth- brother in law), N.A. at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His watercolors shimmer with a sensitivity and love for all the natural beauty of this country. His watercolors are represented in the private collections of the late John F. Kennedy, the late Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the late Henry Fonda, and the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
Colombo has traveled internationally, painting in both Mexico and Costa Rica, and has spent a great deal of time working in the New England area, as well as Maryland’s eastern shore, Key West, Florida, and the American Virgin Islands. The largest portion of his painting has been done in Delaware where Charles has lived his whole life.
Concentrating on his expertise in watercolor or a mixed media, Colombo’s diversity is revealed
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