Charles Gause S.N.L. 1981-259/300 Across The Pass***

Charles gause' across the pass 1981. A beautiful signed and low # limited & signed print of 300 total. The prints image is in perfect unused condition,stored in original cardboard container. Has never been exposed to light or framed. There are only 2 small blemishes outside of the print in the white boarder. Most sellers won't point out small things like these because they don't effect the actual image, and print, once framed and matted. Both look like small pencil marks or pencil smudge to me. One is top upper left in white border on edge, other is bottom rite side in white border below and left of signature on bottom edge. Please see pics as I've taken close up's of both. As you can see the actual image is in perfect condition, as well as the print being of perfect to excellent condition other then the small marks in white border as mentioned. Please view the many pics I took so you can see there is nothing I want the buyer to not see. As I feel most prints sold do not show complete picture with border, or generally include one maybe two pictures for you to view. I always strive on selling my own items as they are, and anything I may notice that I can tell bidders. I am not a huge store. All my items are mine from my own collecting during my life, and am only selling due to being in a ind work accident that has left ... read more