Charles Lindbergh "Lindy" giant tapestry Super Rare WOW

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Well, all I can say about this one is WOW !! This thing is so Rare I cant find it anywhere. I looked for info and something like it with no avail. We were cleaning a hoarders house and I found this in a bottom drawer of an antique sideboard. It is just so historical I had to keep it.

It depicts his international flight from New York to Mexico.This thing is pretty big too it is 17" x 54" with frill around the edges and AWESOME embroidering. I noticed that if you flip it over it looks like colored thread. This may have been used as a centerpiece or something. It is to Cool even if its not color. There are a few spots on it but I would NOT dare touch it. The Lucky new owner can do that.

Pro Packing for protection I will roll it instead of fold it so we wont get any creases but it lays out perfectly.Sold AS-IS and payment due within 3 days......... Thanks for looking