CHARLES ROHLFS Important drop-front desk

CHARLES ROHLFS (1853 - 1936)
Important drop-front desk on pivoting base, Buffalo, NY, ca. 1898
56 1/4" x 25 1/4" x 24"
Note: Several clues lead us to believe that this desk is a prototype, or certainly a very early version of this form: the plain construction of the drawers, the use of a secondary wood on the drawer interiors, the butt hinges to the underside of the drop front as opposed to side-mounted knife hinges, and the lack of a signature. The wooden keys are also different from those on subsequent versions of this desk. We are pleased to offer this early example of such an important design by Rohlfs.
Condition Report: Very good original finish, several carvings have been reglued but are all original. One burlap panel replaced with vintage burlap from a Gustav Stickley screen.