Charles Samuel LaMonk Oil Painting Tarahumara Man & Boy

An Original Charles Samuel LaMonk Oil Painting "Tarahumara Man and Boy". This art piece is oil on canvas. Comes frame on nice original frame. It is made of wood. Has some scuff marks. The canvas is slightly loose on the frame. It is on firmly, but seems to be not tight. The art piece measures 20" in height X 16" in length. The frame measures 28" in height X 24" in length. The art is in good condition. It is signed. The art piece is from 1978. The back has the date and the name of the Art piece, and art, written in pencil.
The history about the Artist:
Charles Samuel LaMonk (1910 - 1990) A painter in realist style of American and Central Mexican Indians as well as caves and canyons of the Southwest landscape, Charles La Monk was born in Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1910. He settled in Palmdale, California and operated the Artist's Gallery. He was known for painting a portrait from memory while lecturing on the heritage of his subject and then concluding both the lecture and the painting at the same time.