Charlie GIBSON Hand Crafted & Painted Classic CRUET

Charlie Gibson and Cruets .... goes together like ham & eggs! Some things are just natural associates. This Gibson Cruet is 7.5" tall and is of an almost indescribable color. Look through it and it is a pale violet. Look down on it an it has an amber glow. This is due to the metallic oxides that has been sprayed on the hot glass to iridize the finish. Much like Carnival Glass). The hand painting is quite original and very well done. It consist of large rose blossoms and tiny dasies all with stems and leaves. The painting continues up the neck and onto the stopper ...which is of ground tight fit. The ribbed handle is tapered and nicely fused to the cruet base and neck and sports a few flowers on it too! Signed by the artist and carries the Gibson Logo and date embossed into the glass stamp. The neck teminates in a cloverleaf tri-spout pattern so the cruet can be useful being poured from either side or straight forward. An altogether fine example of Charlie Gibsons workmanship. We miss him and his glass output. Our inventory is still rather deep on the Gibson pieces and we will continue to feature it on this ebay shop site in the coming weeks. Thanks for viewing....Jim