CHARLTON LTD Damascus – GERBER MARK 1 Style – Military – Boot - Forged Blade

CHARLTONLTD Damascus – GERBER MARK 1 Style – Military – Boot – Forged Blade

~ Classic Gerber Military Style Knife ~

Here is a very nicely made damascus military/boot knife made by Charlton Ltd. (they are now known by the name Damascus-USA ). This knife was based on the classic Gerber Mark 1 military knife. I do not know the age of this knife but was surely made in the 1980’s to early 1990’s.

From the Damascus-USA website:

“These knives feature forged to shape DAMASCUS Steel, and are 100% hand made from the anvil forging of the blank through final finish. These knives are NOT stock removal!”

“From former President Reagan and both Presidents Bush, world famous author Peter Hathaway Capstick, American Hero General Chuck Yeager, General Norman Schwarzkolf, Astronaut Joe Engle, Rambo's "Sly" Stallone, Cabella's, Sporting Classics, Wild und Hund, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co.'s Harley Owners Group, Safari Club International members, actor's Larry Hagman and Jameson Parker, Golf "Shark" Greg Norman and radio legend "WOLFMAN" Jack, & last but certainly not least, the National Rifle Association. The quality, beauty and function of the DAMASCUS USA knives continue to please these and many other proud owners.”

This knife has a very nice 4” double-edged dagger style damascus blade. The
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