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The Alchemist

I love this bracelet. It brings together so many of my passions - ancient and secret society, mysticism, occult symbols, wicca, gothic, alchemy and just plain strange. This is one of my "story" bracelets w I create the message and motivation behind each element and how it enlightened the original (fictional) owner. So the story below is pure fantasy on my behalf. If you are an expert in the esoteric, yes, t will be glaring historic and symboloic inaccuracies but allow me some artistic license and enjoy!

This is a unique piece that could not be replicated even if I wanted to. Every charm bracelet I make has a distinct personality. When I'm making a bracelet I "hang" the bracelet from a model making clamp. It is really a 3 dimensional sculpture that is going to be hanging and moving continuously. So it does have a "front" and "back" and is made in three tiers. They should be worn with the "outside" facing down so the charms cascade over your wrist and back of your hand. From the large pendant pieces to the smallest crystals - every element must fit and work together. I buy vintage jewellery to find lots of interesting one off charms, pendants and chain. This is a bracelet that will be noticed and commented on - guaranteed! I hope it goes to a special owner who will wear it everyday.

The features
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