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Tea in the Conservatory

Third off the production line - another "secret garden" bracelet. I've started using objects and findings as part of the chain which I believe adds some interest and a focal point to the bracelet. It also helps when finding the front and back and up and down of the bracelet. I hope you like it. I wanted it too evoke an overgrown Conservatory. Despite the neglect the garden has continued to thrive. It has a small grotto with a stream and waterfall. Moss, ivy and ferns compete for space. T is decayed and broken garden furniture, bird baths and crumbling classical statues. Rose bushes have turned rogue but still display a range of spectacular colour. A wrought iron table holds the rusting remains of garden tools, pots and a watering can. One fine china tea cup rests on the stone retaining wall - a sign of days gone bye. I've used genuine vintage pieces and a rich palette of greens, orangle, purples, reds and yellows. All the colours of the beads can also be found in the main focal floral cab.

Every charm bracelet I make has a distinct personality. When I'm making a bracelet I hang my "canvas" (the chain) on a model making clamp. It is really a 3 dimensional sculpture that is going to be hanging and moving continuously. I find my theme with charms and beads are my "paint". It does have a front
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