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The Black Rose

is the second bracelet in the current crop. If you are new to my auctions I'll explain. I wish I could make, photo, list, sell in a smooth continuous pattern. But my artistic mojo doesn't let me do that. So I have a mad week to 10 days when I can't make things fast enough. It's a fun time living off chocolate ice creams, Twisties and creative adrenaline. Then it suddenly stops - and I can sit at my work desk putting charms on and off and end up with nothing at the end of the day. So that is when I photograph and list the "current" crop. If you want to know when things are in my shop add me to your favorites and tick the box for an email when I list.

This came out of left field. My jewellery design is very green - well, environmentally pretty good using old pieces and recycling a lot of vintage and antique pieces. The gun metal black rose had been used and although a bit "worn" I wanted to use it. I don't sit down and sketch a design - I buy stuff or see a single element and the rest just follows. This can mean a few costly mistakes sitting in my enormous stash of beads, crystals, charms and findings. But when I picked up the rose I remembered a lot of five genuine antique buttons I bought about three months ago. If I'm buying something from the US or Europe I do tend to buy a few more bits and pieces
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