Charmed sexy Milano and Combs see through tops

's one I have never offered before and its for all you Charmed fans out t and its signed by Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. This photo shows the two sexy witches at a movie premiere om see through tops. Milano who plays Phoebe clearly reveals a little more since she isn't wearing a bra to hid her 36C breasts but does give a hint of lots of cleavage.. . As most Little Mermaid fans can tell you that Alyssa Milano now starring in the WB hit Charmed as one of the three witches Phoebe Halliwell was one of the models for Ariel of the Little Mermaid . Great item for Little Mermaid collectors as well as fans of Charmed. Did you know that Alyssa was also the voice for Angel in Lady and the Tramp II, Scamp's Adventures. She can also see a few of Milano's tattoos including the one on her left wrist and the won near her navel. Combs who plays Piper is on the Milano's left and as always the most dressed Combs wearing a more subdued but sheer blouse that reveals the black bra she is wearing underneath. You can also see one of her tattoos on her right right. Holly has appeared in a few movies including Born on the Forth of July but is most known for her made for tv movies and series like Picket Fences and A Perfect Stranger. This is a real autographed 8 x10 photo signed by the two actresses and comes with a coa . Shipping by priority mail

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