Charmin Chatty Cathy TALKS LOUD AND CLEAR

This listing is for a darling, almost mint, Charmin ChattyCathy, redressed in a beautiful red and white outfit, with matching hat, that has a big red bow on the hat, and an attched silk slip, white underpants, white socks and red shoes I bought a pair of red glasses to match her outfil. She is almost mint, no flaws,smooth skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, approx. 25" tall,and comes with 4 records, and TALKS LOUD AND CLEAR. She also comes with her original salior outfit, and black glasses, red socks, and blue and white shoes, which the outfit is in very good condition. She is just wonderful! All sales are final. No returns. I ship through USPS, and the shipping fees are for the USA only. I am sorry, but I don't ship outside of the USA. Payment is to be received within 3 days from the close of the auction, and through Paypal only. If you have any questions, email me, and thank you for viewing my listing. FINAL LISTING!