This is a really unusual beverage set that you hardly eversee together. The pitcher is catalog # 90036, & the goblets are # 90032, designed by Ruth & William Gerth for Chase. These items were sold only in 1934 & âe(tm)35, which makes them pretty scarce. A description quoted in the Johnson book on Chase products (p.142) says: âeoesuggestive of the wine feasts of Roman days.âe

Pitcher in good condition, has minor scratches, 3 dings on the rim, a chip on the foot along with a scrape in the same area.(see photos) Pitcher is 10 1/4 âeoe high, not marked. The Goblets are in very good condition overall, they are 6âe high and all have the Chase mark. Some chrome loss around the foot & in 4 of the dimples of one cup. One has a spot ¾âe x ½âe of chrome loss on the foot, a scuff on the body, and 2 almost imperceptible chips on rim. One has a ¼ x ¼âe area of chrome loss on grip area (neck to bowl) and the 4th one is almost perfect. Insides of all pieces are good, some grayish discoloration, nothing bad.

The deco era tray isnâe(tm)t Chase, but I thought it looked great with the set. Some Chase purists wouldnâe(tm)t want it, so I have listed it separately, please see my other auctions. I think the tray unifies the set for display, & of course is great to carry it all. Shipping by Parcel Post is usually
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