Chase- Marvel X-Men Fleer Ultra Hunters & Stalkers Rainbow Foil Set of 9

Chase- X-Men Fleer Ultra 95 Hunters & Stalkers Set of 9 Rainbow Foil X-Men Fleer Ultra 95 Hunters & Stalkers set of 9 rainbow foil chase cards. These were randomly inserted in the regular packs of X-Men Fleer Ultra 95 cards. Fleer, Inc. 1994. Listing from Jeff Allender's House of Checklists: Hunters & Stalkers (Powerblast) Cards (Art by Dave DeVries)
(Rainbow, Silver, and Gold Sets) (WalMart Gold: 1:pack)
1/9 Apocalypse
2/9 Cable
3/9 Deadpool
4/9 Random
5/9 Bishop
6/9 Sabretooth
7/9 Wolverine
8/9 Magneto
9/9 Archangel
Multiple wins will have shipping combined for a reduced rate. Many of my lots are for cards and sets that I have multiple copies of. For that reason, I do not generally describe condition in my lot listings. For that same reason, the photo may not be the exact card or boxed set you will receive. With regards to condition, the vast majority of my cards are NrMT/MT with no post-production damage. When I encounter cards that are damaged, I generally toss them rather than place them in inventory. The exception might be a difficult to find card that I have only a single copy of. I will describe any defects if that is the case.

Larger pieces such as multiple card panels that were distributed in magazines and at shows are also generally NrMt/Mt but may show some edge

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