Chatty Cathy TALKS! Pristine Vintage #3 Brunette / Blue Original Clothes

Hear ChattyCathy Chat Again!

Chatty Cathy: #3 Soft FaceBrunette Paige Boy - Talking - Pristine

Chatty in all her glory. This talking Chatty Cathy doll is in pristine vintage condition in all-original, spotless clothes with tags including; pink peppermint stick dress with apron, original panties with netting and socks, red holiday coat, spotless, with matching headband (lined shoes are a hand made reproduction). Hair is shiny and full in original Paige boy style. Hair has not been cut, washed or restyled. Her face is bright and vivid with beautiful skin tone. She has beautiful blue decal eyes, with full lashes, that open and close freely.

She says 10 of the 11 phrases clearly with a beautiful voice. I haven’t heard “Will you brush my hair?” but I don’t want to play with it too much either.

11 Phrases Chatty Cathy #3 should say:

I love you.

Do you love me?

Please brush my hair.

What can we do now?

Please change my dress.

Give me a kiss.

Lets have a party.

Please take me with you.

Lets play school.

May I have a cookie?

I'm so tired.

The dolls side seams are tight and very clean. Her arms and legs are all the same color though lighter than the torso as is the nature of the #3 doll.

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