CHEO REO (Hau Bon), PHOTO Mosaic MAP, Vietnam War 15-76

May 1968 - Cheo Reo ( Hau Bon )

US Special Forces Base

Photo Mosaic Map # 15-76

Photo Mosaic taken from Map # 6636 II

Note: Cheo Reo Special Forces Camp ( and Ben Bang Heliport) is located at the square encampment, northwest of the Cheo Reo wording on map above.


Bordering Darlac Province and to the North of Saigon Cheo Reo was an important strategic town for the early US Military and CIA operatives working in Vietnam.

A meeting point for many of the Montangard Tribers, Cheo Reo saw regular movement of Tribal people from Viet Cong controlled areas, providing valuable information and the means of inserting agents into their home areas.

A US Special Forces Base camp was set up in Cheo Reo, designated Detachment A-6 (and later A-424) as early as 1961 (and probably before) and the US Special Forces from Cheo Reo directed the operations of numerous Mike Force units in the area although no Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force) Units were based t

Shortly after the 5th Special Forces Detachment removed themselves from Cheo Reo in 1971 the area was lost to the South Vietnamese.

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