Cherokee? Indian SYMBOL OF BIRD CLAN sculpture carving

UP FOR AUCTION: I don't know much if anthing about this item. It is marked with a sticker on it as seen and belonged to my father in law. A search on the internet makes me think it is Cherokee. It is about 2 by 2 inches. I am relisting it because ebay shut it down earlier. Don't know the exact age of item or tribe. Bidding as seen. My best guess is that it has 3 torquoise stones on it. It has some neat etchings on it such as the feathers. It also has the carvers name on it although I cannot read it. I tried to get some photos of it. Could be symbols?, but not sure. The artisans name is signed, you must look for it in the photos.

CONDITION: All items that I am currently listening belonged to my father in law who passed away in March. All items are straight from his home, attic, garage, barn and basement to Ebay. I haven't attempted to clean anything. All items sold in the condition I found them. Items will possibly need cleaned up and/or washed. Some of the items are dusty, dirty, or soiled which is how you are bidding on them. Please don't email after receiving an item and tell me it is dusty. I already know that and know you do also. Pictures usually tell more than words about an item.


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Thanks for looking and good luck should you choose to bid.

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The following statement in the description above (Please note that on July 8th I will lose my free web hosting which is w I store my photos. They will be lost on July 8. The pictures that are hosted through Ebay will remain. I do have all photos saved to disc. This auction will end before the 8th , so it doesn't matter too much. I will have to search for a new site to host my photos.) is meaningless to this auction. I had cut and pasted this from a previous auction and did not notice until now the I had not removed it from the auction. Today is July 16 so obviously the auction will not end by July 8 as stated. It was an old cut and paste. I now use photbucket to host my pictures which is also free.

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