Cherry Ames Boxed Set 13-16 NEW by Helen Wells

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"Cherry Ames Boxed Set 13-16," feature four stories written after Helen Wells took the franchise back from Julie Tatham. They are: "At Hilton Hospital, Island Nurse, Rural Nurse," and "Staff Nurse," Cherry Ames is back, just as you remember her! The books are just as you remember them, retaining the same look, feel, and sense of adventure and patriotism as when they were first published. With fully illustrated color covers and a soft-finished hardcover format just like the originals, these books will transport you back to the days when you were reading about this spunky young nurse. Series editor and registered nurse Harriet Forman was inspired by, and remains, a devoted fan of Cherry Ames: .,."I was going to follow in her footsteps and become a nurse—nothing else would do." Springer Publishing Company is delighted to be bringing Helen Wells's beloved heroine back into print for a new generation of younger readers (as well as a host of nostalgic older ones). The books are available as beautifully rendered facsimile hardcover editions and in boxed sets of four. We intend to have all of the Helen Wells books back in print by early 2008. Below is
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