Chesapeake & Ohio Color Pictorial: Diesel Motive Power of the 1960s & 1970s, NEW

Chesapeake & Ohio Color Pictorial
Vol. 2, Motive Power of the 1960s & 1970s

by Harry Stegmaier

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This book primarily deals with the Chesapeake & Ohio's diesel motive power during the 1960s and 1970s .
Book is organized by types of locomotives .
Since the Baltimore & Ohio was controlled by the C&O by this time, a number of locomotives are shown operating on the B&O.

Introduction, pp. 3-5;
Ch. 1: The Sunset Years of C&O's E-unit Fleet, pp. 6-34;
Ch. 2: The Ebb Tide of C&O First-generation Freight Power, pp. 35-61;
Ch. 3: C&O's Heavy Duty Road Switchers: Baldwin AS616s and SD18s, pp. 62-70;
Ch. 4: C&O's Aging Fleet of Yard Switchers: The Final Decade, pp. 71-78;
Ch. 5: ALCo's Old and New, pp. 79-85;
Ch. 6: C&O's second-generation Diesels: EMD Four-axle Power, pp. 86-105;
Ch. 7: C&O's EMD Six-axle Power: The SD35 and SD40, pp. 106-113;
Ch. 8: General Electric Cracks the EMD Stronghold, pp. 114-12
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