Chess DVD: ChessBase Fritztrainer "The Complex Najdorf- A Complete Rep for Black

.For your consideration is the Fritztrainer DVD " The Complex Najdorf-A Complete Repertoire for Black" by Victor Bologan DVD used just one time. $3.50 for USPS First Class Mail. No International shipping. Thanks for looking.

When choosing an opening repertoire, it is common to consider two types of variations. One is usually a solid opening, like 1...e5 against 1.e4, with plenty of strategical ideas and quiet paths of play. However, there are of course days when you want to play for a win with Black, when you want to bear down on your opponent's position with a potentially crushing attack. The Najdorf is perfect for just such occasions - and it's no coincidence that Garry Kasparov played it the most out of all the variations in the Sicilian - the opening served him well throughout his brilliant career. I myself have played it with both colours, but even I discover more to its endless depths every day! Strategy, combinations, attack and defence, sacrifices and marvellous manoeuvres - exciting chess is all about the Najdorf!

• Video running time: 6 hours 31 min (English)

• With interactive training including video feedback

• Extra: 50 Model games and full analysis of variations by GM Victor Bologan • Including CB 12 Reader

System requirements

Minimum: Pentium III 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista, XP
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