Chess Set Set Avon 32 Bottle Full Set Wild Country Old

Chess Set Set Avon 32 Bottle Full Set Wild Country Old

we have a 32 bottle, Avon chess set!

This thirty-two piece set is sans the board, but still a great collectors item! Each bottle has 3 fl. oz. of either, Wild Country After Shave, Oland After Shave, Electric Pre-Shave Lotion, Blend 7 After Shave, or Avon Spicy After Shave.

Did you know that chess is the oldest skill game in the world? But chess is more than just a game of skill. It can tell you much about the way people lived in medieval times. If you look at the way a chess board is set up, then study the pieces and how they are used, you will realize that chess is a history of medieval times in miniature.

The six different chess pieces on the board represent a cross section of medieval life with its many ceremonies, grandeur, and wars.

The pawns on the chess board represent serfs, or laborers. T are more of them than any other piece on the board, and often they are sacrificed to save the more valuable pieces.

The castle piece on a chess board is the home, or the refuge, just as it was a home in medieval times. In chess, each side has two castles, or rooks, as they are sometimes called.

The knight on a chess board represents the professional soldier of medieval times whose job it was to protect persons of rank, and t are
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