Chevron Cars 1996-1998 #1-#8,#10-#14 NIB/ #9 ripped box

These 14 Chevron cars are the great beginning to a new collection!!
They have not been opened, all manuals and accessories are still inside the boxes
This package will weigh around 10lbs. We accept Pay Pal for Payment.
THE 1ST ROW IS: Cary Carrier Car#14 from 1998, even though out of date order is on the bottom to "carry the cars".
THE 2ND ROW: Sam Sedan #1, Wendy Wagon #2, Tony Turbo #3 and last but not least Freddy 4 wheeler #4 - all these cars are from 1996
THE 3RD ROW: Starting with Patty Patrol #5, Tyler Taxi #6, Pete's pick up #7, Horace n' Trailer #8 - #9 she has her own story so I'll tell you about her down below. The 3rd row is all the 1997 cars.
THE 4TH ROW: Lezlie LX #10, Danni Driver #11, Tina Turbo #12, Kelly Compact #13. All theses cars are the 1998 additions.
I know they say a picture says a thousand words, (this took 2 pictures).... but you will never guess what happened to car #9, Holly Hatchback. She was made in 1997 and until July of 2008 she led a good life. In July, it was a dark day, she had just finished her first photo shoot , and was minding her own business. To her horror, in came Phineas, a visiting 3 year old. Now she knew her box said "safety tested for children 3 and up", but being an experienced toy she knew 3yr old boy + Toy + Car = Hollys in trouble. (of course I
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