a Beautiful little Cheyenne medicine bag --turtle beaded on front--beadwork is done with the super Tiny glass beads that were in vogue about 1880-1890 --the colors are the "ruby" reds--mustard yellow--and Cheyenne pinks--bag is about 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"--some sort of really Cool rock inside--after owning this for over 20 years, I still dont know what it is --it looks sort of like a prehistoric carving with a calcified layer all around--some folks have said that it is a fossil of something--I have a hunch that the Cheyenne that wore this bag way back when didnt know what is was , either. I do know it is a neat thingy.--In July of 1986, the Amer. Indian Movement (A.I.M.) were planning on having a rally in the city park in Cripple Creek, Colo. --when the city council found out that A.I.M. was a very militant group, they told them they couldnt have their rally--our "Theater of Time" Museum of the Amer. Indian was open at that time, and I had several friends that were A.I.M. members--I told Buddy Red Bow, the Ogallala Sioux chief, that after the museum closed at 5:00 they could hold their rally in our building--Buddy Red Bow and 4 others at the rally had all worked in the 1969 Dustin Hoffman movie :"Little Big Man"--during the rally, Gloria brought down soup and sandwiches for all 20 of them --the next day when I was opening up the museum, ... read more