CHICAGO AVIATION An Illustrated History 2003 HC 1st Ed FINE Air Travel Airports

Chicago Aviation: An Illustrated History by David M. Young, published by Northern Illinois University Press 2003 (First Edition)
Great volume on the history of aviation, air travel and transport in Chicago.
Hardcover, 254 pages, 11 x 8.5".
Fine condition; like new.
From the dawn of flight, Chicago has played a vital role in the development of aviation. Favored by geography and a superb network of railroads, the Windy City rapidly became the nation's crossroad. Young's richly illustrated history portrays the inventors, entrepreneurs, and aviators who conquered the skies and made Chicago the nation's premier hub for air travel and transport.
Aviation's colorful figures come to life as Young recounts tales of the pilots, patrons, and passengers who sparked public interest in the early days of flight. Beginning with Chicago's first aviation event — a balloon ascension on July 4, 1855 — Young traces the local personalities and technologies that helped make the dream of flight a reality. He offers the most complete account to date of pioneer Chicago aviator Octave Chanute, whose series of daring glider experiments led to international attention and a friendship with the Wright brothers, who sought his advice before their landmark flight at Kitty Hawk.
The Windy City's golden age of aviation began in 1910, when
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