Chicago Rivet Machine Vintage Antique Auto Brake Clutch Truck Shop Aviation Tool

Chicago Rivet & Machine Company, Bellwood , IL.

Pictures speak a thousand words

This has been a great conversation piece( What the He!! is that ) in my shop for many years and it does not cost anything (but space) to operate !!

Vintage Riveter was used for Riveting Brake Shoes and Clutch parts back in the day .

Also used for riveting Sheet Metal for Airplanes

Priced for what you would get in scrap metal weight !! Roughly 240 pounds

They don't make things like this anymore ...and still operates

All Original Yoke, Spring Actuated Foot Compression....

Great for any automotive , machine, aviation enthusiasts , collectors ..

Chicago Rivet & Machine still exists and has parts for this tool still today ...I can't add the link , so google it

Local pick up only , I can deliver for $1.00 a mile one way charge , tail gate only , in my truck within a 300 mile radius of my zip 61061, you can do the math , this barely covers fuel , let alone my time .....

Will answer all questions ....

Question Asked -
there was no place on the rivet tool so I will ask it here. does it come with more dies? thanks Herb -Ebay ID totallyorangeone
Answer ; As I stated in description , contact Chicago Rivet & Machine for parts currently
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