Chief Clinton Rickard, signed letters RARE, Plus More!

This auction is for a notebook titled indians which belonged to an activist in many areas, wether it be Indian affairs, New age spirituality or U.F.O. research, The woman who put this book together was active in the transformation of our nation on many levels, and as a result, she corresponded with many people, some of which are quite notable, This is a RARE correspondence between her and Chief Clinto Rickard, the Founder of the Indian Defense League of America in 1926. Interestingly t is a bit of information which is written in his letter that is contrary to his post humous Autiobiography "Fighting Tuscarora" which states the chief was born May 19, 1882, although in his letter , he clearly indicates he was born on May 19, 1881. An interesting correction to a possible error in his Autobiography. T is no other instance of the Chief's Signature that I can find at least, I believe it is quite rare, and having two letters by Chief Rickard is even moreso. T is also another signature on a letter from the Pulitzer prize winning author Oliver La Farge, (Dec, 19, 1901- Aug 2, 1963) who wrote the prize winning novel "Laughing Boy", This letter was written on August 14, 1962, one year before his death and shows his concerns for the Alaskan Indians and Eskimos. I am listing this folder as it is in this context (letters unremoved) because

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