Stunning My Child Doll

Here we have for reluctant sale a beautiful light brown haired, turquoise/blue eyed Mattel My Child doll. She comes in what i think is her original dress, with pants, shoes and socks. The elastic on one leg of her pants has lost its elasticity, there is also a slight mark on the seat of the pants and the shoes have a couple of felt tip marks on the heels (not noticeable on display - I can email you more photo's if you wish). She is also wearing a cute muppet baby nappy, not sure this is original and the tab closures have lost their stickiness.

This My Child is in excellent condition. I can find no markings on her skin, her body is very clean and all hair plugs appear to be intact, her hair is very thick so its hard to say 100%. S he has her original short fringe which goes all the way and her original hair parting, with two very cute pig tails. Her hair is great condition, soft and shiny with no frizzy hairs, does not appear to have been cut. Her eyes are perfect, very bright in colour as is her make up. She has very slight sagging under her chin, a common thing with this type of doll. On the very back of her neck she has a slightly funny mark at the seam joint that could possibly be glue, which I have tried to photograph but it is impossible to get it to show up properly. All her joints are firm, so she holds a good pose.
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