Child Guidance Pumpkin Farm, 1980, complete in box

Here's a vintage 1980 Child Guidance toy, "Pumpkin Farm", complete with all pieces, original box and original instructions (which did not make it into the picture). For reference, the box is 17 1/4 x 12 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches. The box is a little shelf worn and has a few pieces of old tape plus a spot or two where tape was pulled off and a tiny puncture hole in the back. The plastic toy is in 100% working order (and is dang fun to play with if this grandmother does say so herself!), bright and colorful . All the decals are intact, and are in good condition, with maybe only a little foxing on one of them. This is a very cute item, with the tractor going around, picking up the pumpkins, loading them on the shoot, and sending them straight into the barn for pickup. Comes with tractor, farmer, 3 pumpkins, fence, windmill, wheelbarrow, and base, which includes the gas pump, watering hose, and crank for the youngster to turn to activate the fun. From the back of the box:Harvest right from the patches. Farmer waters patch with side-to-side action. Drive the tractor forwards and backwards, 'round and 'round. Let'er go! Tractor dumps pumpkin into wheelbarrow. Farmer holds play gas hose - watch him fuel the tractor. Pumpkins drop into tractor automatically. Send farmer and wheelbarrow on their chores. Back up for pumpkin pickup You're in control ... read more