Childcraft 14 Volume Set Orange 1949 complete & origina

This beloved set is complete but not without markings by an "artistic" child in volumes 2,3,6,&12 and by an adult owner signature in volumes 1, 3, & 6. Please see photos. There isn't a baby boomer around that didn't love the illustrations and stories in these books. Truely a nostalgic treasure set and one that should be handed down generation after genration.

Most homeschooling parents are already long familiar with the Childcraft sets published by World Book. This encyclopedic anthology for young children has been published for many years; many of us grew up with a set in our homes.

Before World Book owned the name, Childcraft was published first by The Quarrie Corporation and then by Field Enterprises. I also recommend the Field Enterprises Childcraft sets, published between 1949 and 1961. Because of the superb illustrations in volumes 1 and 2, these are my hands down favorites among the series. Due to the quality of paper used, sets between 1949 and 1961 have somewhat brighter illustrations.

Each set year--1947, 1949, 1954, and 1961 has its unique characteristics:

The 1949 set is the earliest to offer the stunning artwork for which collectible Childcraft books are most recognized. With the use of four color printing and the work of such illustrators as Tasha Tudor, Eloise Wilkin, Walt
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