Child's Toy Wringer/Mangle

This is a child's toy wringer/mangle. It has sturdy thick metal sides, with two rollers which I think are

made of rubber. It also has a metal handle, which has a plastic knob to turn and operate the mangle.

The toy is fully operational.

Underneath is a plastic or vinyl draining tray which stands on four rubber feet.

There is a small crack on the tray surrounding the base of one of the metal legs.

On the draining tray it is stamped "Portair Products Regd. Design No. 898175".

Additionally, on one end of the mangle frame it is stamped "Brit. Pat. Appld. For PORTAIR"

On the other end of the frame is stamped "Brit. Pat. Appld. For LIMPET"

Payment by Paypal or cash on collection. Item can be posted (to the UK ONLY) or collected in person